The Care Package

$44.00 $47.00 saving $3.00
The Care Package

The Care Package

$44.00 $47.00 saving $3.00

This immune boosting package is fortified with vitamin C, electrolytes, and anti-viral ginger. Makes a great gift!

100% young thai coconut water
Delivers essential, hydrating electrolytes.

JUICE #4 • (green apple • lemon • kale • TRIPLE GINGER)
Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

JUICE #10 • (orange • Grapefruit • lemon • lime)
Antioxidant vitamin C supports and stimulates immunity.

ginger shot • (ginger • LEMON • cayenne • maple syrup)
This tincture is dense with anti-viral, anti-bacterial ginger and lemon plus warming cayenne and vitamin and mineral dense maple syrup. We recommend a shot every couple hours when fighting a cold. Bottle contains 5 shots.

lypo-spheric vitamin C 
Lypo-spheric technology allows the vitamin C to travel through the digestive tract in tact.