The Detox Cleanse Package

The Detox Cleanse Package

The Detox Cleanse Package


A five day clean & install

Beets relax and dilate blood vessels improving the ability to get oxygen throughout the body.

10am - JUICE #6 • Green Apple • Cucumber • Kale • Romaine • Parsley • Lemon
Purifying greens and antibacterial lemon boost the immune system and aid digestion.

Noon - JUICE #2 • Carrot • APPLE • GINGER
The essential nutrient beta-Carotene, found in carrots, detoxifies the liver, aids in eye health and brightens the skin.

2pm - JUICE #15 • CUCUMBER • ROMAINE • SPINACH • Parsley
Cucumber is a natural diuretic, aiding in the removal of excess fluids throughout the body.

5pm - JUICE #14 • FUJI Apple • Lemon • Triple Ginger
Antioxidant-rich, with extra-spicy ginger to stimulate blood circulation and aid digestion.

7pm - MILK • Almond Milk
A sweet and creamy, protein-rich nutritional powerhouse, loaded with vitamin E and Magnesium for a restful nights sleep.

We suggest you consume these 6 juices each day of your five day cleanse.