The Detox Cleanse

$62.00 $66.00 saving $4.00
The Detox Cleanse

The Detox Cleanse

$62.00 $66.00 saving $4.00

Flood your body with antioxidants and phyto-nutrients to calmly and efficiently stimulate detoxification and cell regeneration.

8am - JUICE #16 • (ORANGE • Beet • GINGER • TURMERIC)
Beets relax and dilate blood vessels improving the ability to get oxygen throughout the body.

10am - JUICE #6 • (Green Apple • Cucumber • Kale • Romaine • Parsley • Lemon)
Purifying greens and antibacterial lemon boost the immune system and aid digestion.

Noon - Golden milk with chia • (cashew • turmeric • ginger • cinnamon • chia seeds)
A sweet and spicy anti-inflammatory with soothing fiber from chia seeds.

2pm - JUICE #15 • (CUCUMBER • ROMAINE • SPINACH • Parsley)
Cucumber is a natural diuretic, aiding in the removal of excess fluids throughout the body.

5pm - JUICE #4 • (FUJI Apple • Lemon • Triple Ginger)
Antioxidant-rich, with extra ginger to stimulate blood circulation and aid digestion.

7pm - charcoal lemonade • (activated coconut charcoal - lemon - coconut sugar - purified water)
Activated coconut charcoal adheres to toxins and impurities and flushes them out your system, and it's delicious!

We suggest you consume these 6 items each day for the duration of your cleanse.