During a juice cleanse your body’s natural internal filtering and detoxing organs are nourished and stimulated by the vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes present in organic, raw, fresh-pressed fruits and vegetables. The kidneys, liver, lymphs, intestines, and skin are activated to filter out impurities, improve circulation, promote elimination, and leave you looking and feeling revitalized.


DETOX TIPS - A few thoughts on how to optimize your cleansing experience

STAY HYDRATED. Drink lots of pure water, herbal teas and raw coconut water!

SET A TIMER to go off every two hours as a reminder to start drinking a new juice. Remembering to continuously nourish yourself will help fend off potential hunger pangs and keep your energy level consistent.

CHEW YOUR JUICE. Digestion begins in the mouth. “Chewing” before swallowing activates the enzymes in your saliva that help to break down nutrients for more efficient consumption.

GET SOME SLEEP. Our bodies do the most healing when at rest. Try avoiding blue light from computers and other devices at least two hours before bedtime in an effort to achieve better quality sleep.

DON'T GO CRAZY and gulp down a heavy meal straight out of your cleanse! Slowly and carefully begin to incorporate solid foods, start with organic, raw fruits and vegetables, lite meals like soup and salad. Rushing into heavy foods can leave you feeling sick and nauseous and defeats all the work you accomplished on your cleanse.

Add a PROBIOTIC to your daily regime to put back the “good bacteria” which was likely cleansed-out along with the “bad stuff” during your detox.

CONGRATULATE YOURSELF! You just did something amazing for your health!